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Magnet AXIOM May 06, 2019

Artifact updates

Aloha-icon Aloha Browser NEW
Android Browser-icon Android Browser NEW
Brave-icon Brave NEW
Calc Vault-icon Calc Vault NEW
Ecosia-icon Ecosia NEW
Gmail-icon Gmail
Iron-icon Iron Browser NEW
Kiwi-icon Kiwi Browser NEW
Lunascape-icon Lunascape NEW Agent NEW
Opera-icon Opera NEW
Skype-icon Skype Emotions NEW
Telegram-icon Telegram
TikTok-icon TikTok
Android continued
Sleipnir-icon Sleipnir NEW
UC-icon UC Browser NEW
Whale-icon Whale NEW
Yandex-icon Yandex NEW
accounts-icon Apple Accounts NEW
Lyft-icon Lyft NEW
Gmail-icon Gmail
Reddit-icon Agent NEW
Skype-icon Skype Emotions NEW
Signal-icon Signal NEW
TikTok-icon TikTok
Telegram-icon Telegram
Yandex-icon Yandex NEW
Chrome Chrome
prefetch-icon Prefetch Files
VLC-icon VLC Player NEW
MacOS Apple Contacts NEW
Chrome Chrome
MacOS Recovery Account Information NEW
Quick Look-icon Quick Look Thumbnails NEW
VLC-icon VLC Player NEW
Facebook-icon Facebook
Facebook-icon Facebook Warrant Returns
Twitter-icon Twitter (Public)

Graykey integration

AXIOM Process now includes processing workflows specifically for images acquired using Graykey.

Process GrayKey images two different ways:

  • Load the .zip files from a GrayKey image
  • Connect to a GrayKey device on your network and download images directly
  • More details...

Explore SQLite databases more effectively

The new SQLite viewing capabilities in AXIOM Examine make it easier to search, sort, and filter SQLite data in your cases.

Some of the new features allow you to:

  • Run SQL queries on the data
  • Search across all fields in the table
  • Filter and sort on a column
  • Rearrange columns
  • Copy rows, columns, or individual cells to the clipboard
  • More details...

More highlights

Other helpful updates in 3.1:

  • More macOS improvements, including several new artifacts. More details...
  • Several AXIOM Cloud updates, including support for additional Facebook Warrant Returns (photos, status updates) and public Twitter posts. More details...
  • Support for 12 Android browsers based on Chromium comprising over 90 new artifacts. More details...

More updates





Bug fixes

Known issues